Content Optimization

Content Optimization For SEO and For Lead Generation

  • A keyword should be selected for the page that balances the need for relevance, search volume, and ideal competition levels.

  • The page should have a unique purpose and centralized theme that is summarized by the primary keyword.

  • The content should contain the primary keyword for the page as well as variations and alternative (synonyms) keyword phrases.

  • Change The Formatting of The Content To Include Only 2-3 Sentences Per Paragraph.

  • The textual content on the page should be unique to the page and contain at least 200 words of indexable text that describes the theme and purpose of the page.

  • There should not be any “keyword stuffing” (placing the keyword where it does not naturally fit) on the page. The text should be well written and flow naturally for your website’s visitors.

  • The page should contain clear calls to action and/or next steps for the user.

  • The page should contain internal links (hyperlinked text) to other pages/resources on the website. This hyperlinked text should not be too long (encapsulating an entire sentence) or generic (“learn more”, “click here”, “read more”).

  • There should be one H1 on the page that includes the primary keyword for the page and is descriptive of the pages theme.

  • The page should only contain one H1 tag. Multiple H1 tags should not be used on one page. The H1 tag should be unique and not duplicated across other pages on the site.

  • Where relevant, the content should be formatted to be easily visually scannable (i.e., bullets or lists, brief paragraphs, sub-heads).

  • When relevant, the page should contain multimedia such as charts, graphs, infographics, videos, etc.

  • Where relevant, important words should be emphasized on the page with styles such as bold, italics, or bulleted/numbered lists.

  • When appropriate, page URLs should be descriptive of the page, often containing the primary keyword of the page.

Content Optimization Techniques

Sky Scrapper Technique For Content

First, identify a piece of popular content in your industry, one way could be looking at the first 10 pages in the SERP. Next, create something even better. Finally, promote that content.

Content writing and optimization tools

Plagiarism checkers

Article Spinners

Article Scrapers

iwriter Iwriter uses AI to create content.

Article Geek This website contain articles with free copyright.

Quillbot Can be used to check for plagiarism, grammar and even paraphrasing an existing content using AI.

Translation WPML is used to translate websites, mainly Wordpress

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