🪣S3 Buckets

Amazon S3 Buckets

Generally, Buckets are storage areas where you can store objects (images, files, videos, etc.). AWS allows for two kinds of permissions on a bucket:

  • Anyone: It means anyone outside AWS can list the bucket's contents or download objects.

  • Authenticated Users: It means only AWS users can list the bucket's contents or download objects. You can configure permissions read and write for buckets and objects separately.

Retrieving the contents of a bucket

aws s3 ls s3://secret-form-lol/ --no-sign- request

--no-sign-request allows accessing resources without signing in. The other option is using a curl request to bucket

curl http://secret-form-lol.s3.amazonaws.com/

Downloading resources from AWS buckets

curl http://secret-form-lol.s3.amazonaws.com/201101319349101615_public.xml

Or using the AWS CLI

aws s3 cp s3://secret-form-lol/201101319349101615_public.xml --no-sign-request

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